Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:


Guemes Island Planning and Advisory Committee

August 7, 2023


Meeting began: 6:30pm

Members Present: Michael Brown, Allen Bush, Kathy Malley, Steve Orsini, Jep Burdock, Gabe Murphy.

Visitors Present: Mark Madden, Michael Gray

Agenda for 8/7/2023 was Approved

Minutes for July were Approved

Treasurer’s Report:

GIPAC General fund balance: $9345.35

Roz Glasser fund balance: $9138.18

Public Comment: Mark Madden: Is the study going to be publicized before completion and final draft? 90% submittal?

Allen and Committee response: USGS is finalizing the report, looking into whether or not the valley beaver pond is infiltrating or not. Data can be found at: GIPAC will consider getting a link and instructions onto linetime to make access to the USGS data easier.

New Business:

Looking forward to the November meeting, GIPAC will hopefully present USGS data and will invite the USGS to attend and present if available. Possible November meeting dates are the 5th, 12th, or 19th of November, but will confirm when we know USGS availability.

GIPAC unanimously approved filing an appeal to Skagit County on the Young’s Park Hearing Examiner’s Decision. The appeal will be hand delivered before the deadline. The board acknowledged that the hearing examiner’s decision is in conflict with the board's interpretation of the Guemes Island Subarea Plan and will be a detriment to the community. The GIPAC board will also initiate a conversation with the GICCA board on how the Schoolhouse Park SUP and the Young’s Park SUP are connected and interdependent, and how the community can come to a resolution that is best for Guemes Island. Michael will reach out to Lisa to start the conversation.

Regarding the November “Annual Meeting,” there are two member terms ending this year that will be up for reelection.

The election criteria are as follows: (copied directly from bylaws)

  • Nominations for open positions on the Board will be solicited at the September monthly meeting of GIPAC. 

  • At the October monthly meeting of GIPAC, nominations will be taken from the floor and nominations will close at the end of the meeting.  

  • At the Annual Meeting in November, the membership shall elect, from the slate of nominees, members necessary to fill the open positions.

Meeting adjourned: 8:15pm


 Submitted by Gabe Murphy, substitute for Secretary Patty Rose

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