Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:


Minutes of July 10, 2023

Meeting of the Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

The meeting was called to Order by Chair Michael Brown and the Agenda was approved as written. 

June meeting minutes were approved as written.  

Treasurer’s Report:

General fund balance is $9345.35

Roz Glasser account balance is $9138.10

Public Comment:

Citizen Yadi Young attended the meeting to present her petition urging Skagit County to deny the special use permit which allows storage of gravel and ditch spoils along with a new parking area.

Updates/New Business:

Update on the USGS study -there is no new information available.

Discussion of the status of the Roz Glasser Bequest fund- GIPAC has received a letter from Joan Palmer requesting that monies from this fund only be used for projects conducted by the Skagit Land Trust. GIPAC will honor this request and Kathy Malley will be in touch with SLT about possible shoreline restoration projects.

Update on the Young’s Park material storage project: If the Skagit County Hearing Examiner rules that this action should stand, GIPAC will ask Attorney Kyle Loring to appeal.

Kyle Loring update- there was discussion of a building permit issued for a 5 bedroom home when, indeed, yurts and a washroom associated with the resort are being built. GIPAC will inquire with Skagit County about whether a special use permit is required for this.


Submitted by Patty Rose.

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