Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:

GIPAC: Minutes of February 6, 2023 Meeting


February 6, 2023 Meeting

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee


The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by Chair Michael Brown. Board members present: Michael Brown, Steve Orsini, Kathy Malley, Patty Rose, Allen Bush, Jep Burdock and Gabe Murphy. Guests: Mark Madden, Lisa Charnock and Diane Neilson.

The agenda was unanimously approved. There was discussion of establishing a mailbox and mailing address.

January meeting minutes were approved as posted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jep Burdock reported that we have $11, 766.35 in our general fund and $9,159.10 in the Roz Glasser fund.                                   

 Public Comment: Mark Madden said that he has interest and expertise in water issues and he would like to help. Mark offered his well to be tested, but the USGS testing window has passed.

 Lisa Charnock introduced herself as a new GICCA board member. She and her husband are happy to post GIPAC information on the GICCA website, and we can contact them at

Updates/New Business           

Digitizing project: Gabe Murphy reported that Google has asked for more information in order to provide us with email and web services. Steve will help by updating our information with the Secretary of State.

 USGS: Allen Bush reported that USGS studied 98 wells on the island. They are still compiling information, but a preliminary report will be available in March and the final report in September.

The County Permit Application for additional parking and gravel storage at Youngs Park was discussed. Letters of comment must be submitted by Friday February 10 at 4:30 PM.

 An executive session was held to discuss recent well drilling and county responses.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Submitted by Secretary Patty Rose   



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