Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:

GIPAC: Annual Meeting November 6, 2022


November 6, 2022

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

Annual Meeting


Hal Rooks called the Annual Meeting to order at 2:00 PM in the Community Hall.

Present were board members Michael Brown, Jep Burdock, Allen Bush, Hal Rooks, Steve Orsini and Patty Rose. There were at least 26  island residents in attendance and several individuals on Zoom.

New Business – USGS presented preliminary results of the Aquifer Recharge Study

The USGS field team conducted a well inventory on Guemes Island from September 11-16. The team covered areas throughout Guemes Island, visiting 83 total wells to record water levels and locations. Additionally, water samples were collected from 33 of these wells to test salinity levels. Results of the information collected are currently being processed and will be publicly available in December 2022. A comprehensive report of the study being conducted is planned for publication in September 2023. 

 Treasurer’s Report-

1. The Roz Glasser Memorial Account began the year with: $ 9162.10

Current total 9162.10

 2. GIPAC Account: Beginning year balance-

Starting Balance 2022 4538.85

Donations 11,070.50

Expenses, Legal 3,020.00

Balance, November 6, 2022 12,589.35

Annual Report- Board member Michael Brown reported on GIPAC efforts during the last year. GIPAC  secured funding and arrangements for the USGS aquifer recharge study, hired an attorney to advise us on water supply issues, met with Planning, Health and Skagit County Commissioners regarding wells/saltwater intrusion, conducted a rainwater catchment tour on island and advocated to retain the Guemes overlay (building envelope) to preserve rural character.

Allen Bush conducted the election according to GIPAC bylaws. Gabe Murphy was elected to fill Hal Rooks position, Jep Burdock and Michael Bush were re-elected.


Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.

Submitted by Patty Rose