Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee:

Skagit County Adopts Guemes Island Subarea Plan


On January 18, 2011, the Skagit County Board of Commissioners adopted the Guemes Island Subarea Plan. The Subarea Plan contains policy recommendations relating to significant issues on Guemes Island including land use, natural resource conservation, shorelines, transportation, and Guemes Island Ferry operations.

The Guemes Island Subarea Plan is intended to both guide future development on Guemes Island and update the Comprehensive Plan to reflect current issues and concerns specific to the Guemes Island Subarea. The Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee (GIPAC), a community group elected by Guemes Island residents and property owners, initiated the Subarea Plan.

“Community members know their neighborhoods best and local community planning allows communities to help conserve rural character, address land use constraints, and protect valued resources. We commend the Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee on their grass-roots effort and job well done,” said Skagit County Board of Commissioner Sharon Dillon.

The purpose of a community subarea planning process is to enhance community values as well as identify and assure sensible growth and development. Community subarea plans result from partnerships that unite the County and citizens of a planning area. A community subarea plan puts into action the general policies of the Comprehensive Plan. Community subarea plans address issues at the local level that are not in a general comprehensive plan; patterns of land use protection, unique resources design, traffic circulation, and services expressed within a community subarea plan are a function of local economic, social, physical health, safety, and welfare issues of the people who live and work within the community planning area. Citizens select aspects of communities they would like to both change and maintain at a level they are knowledgeable about and comfortable relating to.

“The Guemes Island community now has a plan that recognizes their community values and vision for the future. The community has long advocated that growth management and planning is important for their island. Through their persistent efforts, dedicated hours, and exemplary work, the Island’s important attributes and way of life will be sustained for future generations,” said Gary Christensen, Director of Skagit County Planning and Development Services.

Skagit County Planning and Development Services will review the Subarea Plan policies and consider future development code amendments in order to implement the Plan.

Final Guemes Island Subarea Plan

Reviewed Guemes Island Subarea Plan